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CSoft Technologies believes in using proven leading edge technologies that deliver superior results in shorter timeframes with solid ROI. CSoft Technologies has provided successful solutions to some of the most admired corporations in the chemical, manufacturing, engineering, construction and offshore industries. Our mission has always been to provide comprehensive Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental (QHSE), Operations and Maintenance platforms that enable our customers to minimize or eliminate risks, achieve compliance and improve performance.

  • CNotes

    CNotes provides a central repository that contains all of the data associated with operator communications for each shift, each day, etc. for each position from the field operator to the OPS Manager. 

  • CFlow

    The Plant Management Dashboard is a suite of modules whose entire focus is the handling of incidents in any work environment but especially in an environment that involves such government agencies as OSHA. 

  • CPortal

    CPortal provides your company with the means to give your employees the needed information for their jobs so they can proactively respond to and anticipate necessary changes. 

  • Field Management

    It is a web-based application which provides tools to calculate the proper compensation. 

  • Management of Change

    This product delivers an easy-to-use yet powerful web-based package to provide the required functionality to assign and track a task.