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The Plant Management Dashboard is a suite of modules whose entire focus is the handling of incidents in any work environment but especially in an environment that involves such government agencies as OSHA. This incident application is highly customizable and is comprised of the following components:

  • Initial Notification - Collects the data necessary to record and notify the organization of the incident.
  • Investigation - Collects the information required to properly execute and close an investigation.
  • Corrective Action / Preventive Actions (CAPA) - Used to assign and track CAPA requirements originating from the incident.
  • The CAPA application contains an extensive set of reporting dashboards to track completion and ensure compliance.
  • Approval - This section is used to approve / sign-off on the incident after all supporting requirements are complete.
  • History - This section provides an audit history of all changes made to the incident record.

Reporting - This section provides extensive reporting on all information captured within the incident application including “At a Glance” dashboard.

cPMD provides the following benefits:

• Connects person-to-person e-communications with business process automation.
• Provides a mechanism to ensure that all parties who should be “in the know” are presented information in a timely fashion.
• Enhances capability to manage business processes
• Mimics the organizational structure
• Provides for collaboration and shared knowledge
• Facilitates quick process improvements
• Provides a centralized mechanism to assign tasks and confirm when they are completed by electronically requiring responses to the assignments
• Minimizes the flow of paperwork to complete a process and the possibility of lost paperwork causing the process to fail
• Provides the capability to electronically note any questions regarding assignments
• Assign multiple backups for the workflows to ensure that an absence does not cause the workflow to halt.
• Powerful Ad Hoc reporting to be able to extract any data that is contained in the system.

See below for more details on each of the modules that make up this suite.

Incident Tracking (Fact Findings)

This module tracks the process using a web-based workflow. Data entered into the workflow is stored in a database and is passed to the next user as the incident progresses.  Incident workflow benefits include: 
• Initial incident information is immediately available to upper management via email to the appropriate roles
• The  process distinguishes the mechanism for a formal incident investigation process
• Electronic distribution of an Incident and it’s details for involved parties (Plant Shift Supervisor, Incident Investigation Coordinator, Joint Health & Safety and HSE)
• Electronic reporting of incident and incident history
• Ease of determining what the current status of the incident is
• Capability for observing parties to comment on the incident throughout its lifecycle


This module tracks the recommendation process using a web-based workflow. Data entered into the workflow is stored in a database and is passed to the next user as the recommendation progresses. Recommendation workflow benefits include: 
• Electronic database for all recommendations from Audits, Incident Investigations, PHA's, RCFA, etc 
• Allows delegation horizontally 
• Limits downward delegation to organization under the responsible Superintendent
• Logs all discussions from involved and responsible parties 
• Formal closure process at Manager Level 
• Custom Report Generation capability is tremendous
• Managers can easily monitor closure performance

Injury and Illness Tracking

Companies are looking for new ways to reduce costs associated with on-the-job safety without compromising their ability to document OSHA compliance and risking heavy fines. CSoft Technologies’ injury tracking system provides your company with a solution that captures injury information at a single point and makes this information accessible to all authorized users.

This module stores and tracks detailed information about employee and/or contractor injuries. It also gives you the ability to search for similar cases and generate on-the-fly reports in the required format for OSHA Compliance. These capabilities allow your company to free its safety engineers for other projects to improve employee safety.

• Total information about each injury
• Granular security to ensure personal employee information is safe-guarded
• Compiles OSHA 101, 300 and 300A Logs automatically 
• Provides a central location to record all of the required information
• Real time KPI reports :
     Safety Summaries
     Lost Time Cases
     Total Recordable Cases
     RIR & ISI Calculations
     Bar graphs
     Pie charts

Management of Change

This module is designed to handle all of the requirements for managing change within a chemical plant or refinery. It will allow you to set up technical review committees to ensure that any change has been given all of the possible attention. CFlow-MOC will track the change process from initiation all the way through PSSR items and then ensures that all of the documentation is complete. This module tracks the MOC process using a web-based workflow. Data entered into the workflow is stored in a database and is passed to the next user as the MOC progresses through all of its various stages.

The MOC workflow provides the following basic steps:

• Initiation. The system can be configured to allow anyone to open MOC or requires user to be in a role 
• MOC Gatekeeper agrees that a change requires an MOC
• Superintendent assigns a Responsible Person 
• An MOC package is created including the attachment of any supporting documents
• Responsible Person sets up a Technical Review Committee to respond to a series of  established an Ad Hoc questions that must be responded to 
• Technical Review Committee member can either approve or not approve 
• PSSR items can be assigned. These can either be items required for startup or just required for closure
• Once the items required for startup have been completed then the Superintendent can give the approval to start
• After all PSSR items have been completed then the MOC can be closed

This MOC workflow module provides a graphic representation of the workflow so that at any time a user can see in which state is the MOC. There is also a dashboard that shows MOCs waiting for action by the user logged on. There is a similar dashboard that shows all MOCs that meets specific criteria. Every action made to an MOC is recorded by user name and with a date/time stamp to ensure proper accountability.

• Summary Report showing the number of MOCs entered over a period of time
• Ad Hoc Report to extract any information that is stored in the MOC database
• At a Glance to quickly see the MOCs and the number in each of the different states

Unsafe Conditions

This module is part of the c-PMD suite of modules but is very different from the others. While the other modules provide a process (workflow) of reacting to situations or issues, the Unsafe Conditions module provides a proactive approach. Also, this module is intended to be open to all employees encouraging anyone that believes they have witnessed some unsafe situation to open up an incident. They are expected to provide details as to what they observed and why they believe this it was unsafe and that preventing the act or situation will lead to a safer or more environmentally conscious work place. The steps below show the typical workflow followed:

• Employee enters the unsafe condition
• Unsafe condition is entered into the database and is now a permanent record
• Emails are sent to a gatekeeper for initial analysis
• Gatekeeper routes the incident to a superintendent
• Superintendent makes a determination and
     Enters a work notification
     Makes plans for an internal fix
     Determines it is a duplicate
     That it was not an unsafe condition
• Closure by HSE Manager
• Email notification back to originator

At every stage the employee gets notification of the progress and also the final resolution. Everyone wants to make safety in the workplace a priority. This module empowers all employees and encourages them to become involved with the understanding that someone in management must review what you have written up and must respond.

Security Incident Tracking

This module is very similar to the standard incident tracking but this is a special module handling incidents that involve security personnel. Because of its very nature incidents are treated differently and provide a special category of “highly classified” ensuring that only authorized users will have access to the details.  Homeland Security is just beginning to place additional requirements on various sites to provide special handling of this type of incident. This module will satisfy all of the agency requirements and demonstrate how your company is addressing security incidents and how they are handled separately from the normal incidents that can occur.

Long Range Planning

Long range capital and expense budget planning and forecasting for projects and other work efforts with full workflow approval and automated notification process.


Service Requests

Initiate and track service requests from any department such as Engineering, Facilities, etc. to ensure that the identified work orders or work efforts get completed in a timely and cost efficient manner. Built with full workflow approval and automated notification process.


Task Tracking

Initiate and track work tasks related to Title V permits or any other regulatory requirement to ensure that the identified tasks or work efforts get completed in a timely manner, maintaining constant compliance. Built with full workflow approval and automated notification process.