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CNotes- Electronic Shift Notes and Communication

CNotes provides a central repository that contains all of the data associated with operator communications for each shift, each day, etc. for each position from the field operator to the OPS Manager. CNotes is completely web-based with no ActiveX controls or any other software element written to the desktop. This means that it is readily available to anyone from any PC at the site.

CNotes delivers functionality in a form of standardized notes. Through the notes function all communications to shift personnel can be presented in an easy-to-understand format with no room for interpretation. These same notes can also be used for safety messages, training and for recording the activities that took place during their shift while working a particular job.
In addition to the notes function CNotes has other functions to support the communication between operators and supervisors

CNotes has the familiar Windows Explorer folder structure to keep notes, historian data, calendar etc

. and provides three types of notes:

  • Shift-by-Shift Notes- this is a type of note where operators record what took place during the shift and then resets at end of the shift
  • Rolling - this is a type of note that stays available for review until modified. This is the perfect note for orders, maintenance, etc.
  • Expiring - this note stays visible until either a date or a number of days has expired and then the note disappears.

CNotes also provides an Equipment/Maintenance/Bypass functionality to ensure that thus "all important" information does not get lost between shifts and includes an event calendar that can be set up for the site, area, department or position for scheduling routine work. CNotes has the ability to


  •   Attach documents to an event
  •   Provide an audit functionality
  •   Email notification with an Outlook user interface to schedule tasks/events including recurrences 

   CNotes can be setup with questions that can be scheduled to prompt the operator for answers that help describe the current operating environment

   CNotes is designed to interface with Plant Historian systems and Lab Systems with an ad Hoc data entry functionality to be able to record values that are not in the historian

   CNotes has Rollup of shift information from one position to a "supervisor" above them with easy sharing of information from one position to another.

   CNotes Oil Movement displays tanks and products in tanks vessels and wharf or dock information including functionality to allow the planner(s) to set targets and high and low limits.

Permission based personnel have complete access to all data recorded in CNotes. This feature allows immediate access to everything that occurred over the last shift or over the weekend. No longer does the process control engineer need to wait until the operator is back on shift to find out what occurred in the process unit. The biggest beneficiary of a product CNotes may very well be the yield accountant, the planner or the Plant represents the most important sources for shift information with the reporting engine allowing easy access to all the relevant data.
The reports area provides the following functionality:

• Full text search capability.

• Ad Hoc reports to retrieve specific types of data over a specific time period.
• Ability to create personalized custom "one click" reports.

• Ability to schedule a report to be run at a specific time and emailed to recipients.
• Ability to create a turnover report that can be used for the turnover of the relief personnel to show pertinent information for beginning the shift. This report can be customized for each position within the plant.


Product Support:

Please note that CNotes versions 9.0 or older is no longer supported by CSoft Technologies LTD.