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Field Management (Bonus Calc)

In most large companies there typically is a plan to provide bonuses or some form of compensation based on a combination of the achievement of personal goals along with various achievements against financial metrics. These financial metrics could be at the company level or at some regional or country level. This is the good news if you are an employee. It is not particularly good news if you work in the compensation department. In most cases (even the largest companies) compensation is calculated with a spreadsheet. c-Bonus can help solve this problem plus provide reports that can be used at the highest levels in a company to show what is being paid and to whom.

Field Management is:

  • Web-based application
  • Provides tools to calculate the proper employee compensation
  • Uses pay information for each employee extracted from some ERP or Accounting system
  • Allows for multiple compensation plans
  • Assigns to each employee a code that captures the financial and personal metrics used to calculate performance achieved. Typically multiple employees will have the same code assigned to them based on grade, job, location, etc. 
  • Provides for the upload of financial metrics (planned vs. actual)
  • Provide for the upload of personal goals achievement.
  • An alternative to uploading achievement c-Bonus provides a web site for managers to make the assignment of the personal goals achievement
  • Provides for annual & quarterly payouts (sales plan)
  • Keeps track of eligibility of employees
  • Provides for an upload of exchange rate information
  • Calculates payouts in any currency
  • Provides the ability to assign a “last” currency to an employee that is now working in a different currency than the one during the year
  • Provides an accrual functionality to be able to see at any time the expected payout at the end of the year
  • Generates a payout file that can be used to upload into an accounting/ERP system to pay the employees.
  • Generates custom Eligibility and Payout Letters for employees
  • Sends out emails to employees that their letter(s) are available for viewing
  • Provides a website to manage by year and by plan the viewing of letters
  • Provides an employee web site for the employees to view their letters or for managers to print out the letters 
  • Provides multiple Ad Hoc reports that shows different information about what was paid out based on filter criteria
  • All of the pertinent information is encrypted with 256 bit encryption.