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Management Of Change (MoC)

This product delivers an easy-to-use yet powerful web-based package to provide the required functionality to assign and track a task. This functionality includes:

  • Complete configurability
  • Email notifications
  • Workflow for task assignment
  • Powerful reporting 

Configurability: Management Of Change allows you to easily configure the following features:

  • Project Components (desktop, application failure, etc.)
  • Task status definitions (open, closed, etc.)
  • Task resolution definitions (schedule a project, postponed, etc.)
  • Whether users are allowed to create a task or this is done on behalf of a user
  • Roles and the users in the roles
  • Priorities


If users are permitted to create tasks they will be allowed to see all of their tasks they have created plus the current status. Members will be able to see all tasks in the system but will be restricted in their permissions depending upon their role in the application.

The dashboard provides a customized look at the tasks to which the user has access. There are many filters that the system remembers to be able to display exactly the information requested but without having to request a report.

Task Manager allows any member of the application to be able to assign a backup to act on their behalf. When the backup person switches roles to the backup person then the backup will have access to all tasks assigned to the original person. In this role they will still have only the permissions assigned to them but the will have write privileges to tasks assigned to the person they are backing up. All actions taken by the backup person will be noted in the discussion thread.

Discussion Thread

The application provides a discussion thread that is available either online or through reports. The discussion thread records all actions taken with any task recording the action plus any comments that might be entered. If the user is making an update as a backup person then the discussion thread will be shown showing the backup person “acting on behalf of …”. There is a configuration item that determines whether a customer will see the discussion thread entries or not.

Time Management

The product provides an optional capability to be able to record time spent by any person on a specific task. This functionality can be used to provide estimates to complete the work plus time actually worked on the tasks by any of those that worked on the task.