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A new business environment exists where software systems are increasingly complex and management is asking its work force to perform more work with fewer personnel. In addition, companies are experiencing additional pressures to comply with added government and business regulations. CPortals, cSoft Technologies’ Enterprise Portal System, provides your company with the means to give your employees the needed information for their jobs so they can proactively respond to and anticipate necessary changes. 

CPortals offers a customizable, single point of access to your business’ enterprise systems that can improve the productivity of each employee. CSoft Technologies’ professional installation team works with your team to understand your business systems and to train your staff how to integrate your existing business solutions.

CPortals provides:

• A .Net application with a customizable framework that can interface with most business systems using a database
• Full security controls that allow area content managers to administer security at the page, module, or site level
• Area content managers with ability to design the look and feel of their web site without affecting other areas within the company
• A wide selection of ready-to-use modules which area content managers can use to customize their own area.

CPortals is not like other portal systems. With its unique implementation method, the CPortals software allows the system administrator to establish independent portal instances for each business area and assign a content manager for each area. The system administrator can also establish modules that are available site-wide. Content managers can then design their portal site and add the appropriate content modules for their area web sites.
CPortals is intended to be used by non-IT personnel to create and maintain their own website. There is no complicated process or confusing terminology that typically would require someone with an IT background to understand and implement.

Content is easily added to any page using the different content modules. Each module allows the page administrators to design the look and feel that best works for their area.

The list shown below comes as part of the standard offering:

Announcements: Allows the user to post information as a brief description and the provides a “Read more” link for the full article

Console: Provides a powerful display of data with a table of contents down the left side and viewing of the content for each of the items on the right side of the screen

Event Calendar: Provides the user the functionality to show a calendar of events for a site, area or department. It provides Outlook-like event creation with recurrence; it can attach documents to the event, and emails can be sent out to individuals or groups

FAQs: Shows Questions and Responses

Feedback: Allows users to send feedback to the content managers. This feature can be used as a means of providing ideas for a specific area or group.

I-Frame: Integrates any other website directly in your website i.e. Facebook or a Work Order system

Links: Provides a list of hyperlinks to files, images, web pages or web sites

Search: Allows a search of the entire website for specific content

Text/HTML: This is the primary tool for adding content. It allows the page designer to add text, imbedded images, links, etc to any area on a page.

Document Management System: This is a fully functional document management system with every option required for managing files.

• Approval workflow
• Document versioning
• Full text search
• Categorization of files
• Search by categories
• Set up special views of the DMS to just show specific areas of the system
• Easy-to-use Windows folder user interface
• Add custom fields to files
• Create your own security roles
• Granular security
• Upload files from a zip file and preserve the folder structure

When you combine the DMS with the portal you are able to provide a unique user experience far beyond that a typical DMS offers. The DMS is a module that you can place in many different parts of your website.