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The following is a small list of CSoft success stories for delivering effective solutions:
  • Created an extremely complex Employee Compensation application for use by a large multi-national company to handle both sales and personal performance bonuses for more than 25,000 employees. 
  • Created a Web-based workflow application for over a 1,000 employees for Health and Wellness to keep track of absenteeism. 
  • Created an application to manage rental equipment for oil field use. 
  • Provided a workflow to manage international assignments for a large multi-national company with over 3,000 assignees.
  • Created a web-based Mechanical Integrity application for a global level refinery.
  • Implementation of an Electronic Shift Notes application to capture two-way communication between operators and supervisors (this became a product offered by CSoft).
  • Created a plant management dashboard product to handle all of the different types of incident or management of change workflows.
  • Created two products to manage rotating personnel and field employees working on drilling rigs.